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CHOOSE coaching as your niche to add value to your customers The benefits of a coaching program is that it fits just about every niche and business model you can possibly think of and it also adds a great deal of value to your customers.

In order to show you just how flexible coaching is, let’s take a look at a few examples.

Service Business Model – A freelance writer can offer a coaching program to help other aspiring writers grow their own freelance businesses.

eCommerce – A person selling dog-training tools can coach others on how to train their dogs.

Information Marketing – An information marketer in the health and fitness niche can offer personal fitness coaching or diet coaching.

Affiliate Marketing – An affiliate marketer that represents home organization products can offer a coaching program to help others become more organized.

As you can very clearly see, coaching is quite adaptable to fit both your needs and the needs of your audience. The key to a successful coaching program is to identify a need within your audience and to solve it through coaching. Offer your customers valuable information over a specific period of time.

Coaching also provides that added value to your customers.

You likely own an online business for two primary reasons.

#1 You want to make money.

#2 You enjoy your niche topic and enjoy providing value to your audience.

Coaching enables you to do both. It provides one more powerful way to connect with and interact with your customers. Providing this level of value and interaction can be greatly rewarding for both you and your customers. There’s something very satisfying about helping people solve their problems and coaching makes this possible. You get to become an active participant and see your customers’ lives change for the better.

So you see, you are able to provide so much value by just starting your own coaching program.

I hope this blog series has armed you with the information that you are seeking. I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about the coaching program you presently have or the one you are currently working on starting.

Best of luck with your coaching journey.

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