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why offering coaching is easier than you think So many people ask me if I believe that having a coaching certificate is necessary to become a great coach. My personal opinion is that no, it’s really not necessary. Almost anyone can hang up a coaching sign on her door and not have any official training or certification.

But, your own path to coaching depends on your target audience and your personal and business goals. If you inspire to add ‘life coaching’ or ‘executive coaching’ to your business model, then you may want to explore certification options. The competition is a bit more extensive in these two fields and certification will help you establish more credibility.

That all being said, if you happen to be in a very particular niche industry such as parenting, dog training or organization, certification is most definitely not essential. You know your field and you know it well. You can very simply design your coaching program to fit your target audience’s needs and your business goals and then launch your new program.

A little planning and preparation is really all you need to get up and running successfully.

Technology Makes Everything So Much Easier

Technology has made launching and running a great coaching program so much easier. Wouldn’t you agree?

Depending on your audience and the coaching program you create you can use:

  • Audio and video technology to coach (Podcasting, Webinars)
  • Membership site technology (Wishlist or Buddypress)
  • Autoresponders (Mailchimp or Aweber)
  • Social networking mediums like forums or chat rooms to coach
  • Instant messaging, email and other instant media to connect with coaching clients
  • Digital downloads and ebooks

Today, most coaches work mostly by Skype, email and telephone and so they are are able to offer their services all over the world.

In short, there are very few barriers to entry. You’re likely already using all of the technology you’d need to launch a coaching business. And unless you’re in a highly competitive field like “life coaching” certification and training isn’t necessary.

That’s my take on it!

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